Alice in Wonderland - Cast List

Alice Amelia Harding Dame Millicent Mark Manson
White Rabbit Daisy Morgan Wally the Joker Ben Wilkinson
Queen of Hearts Ellie Classey King of Hearts Peter Crowther
Knave of Spades Simon Classey Sergeant Rebecca Strong
Princess of Hearts Emma Piercey-Fisher Prince of Diamonds Josh Piercey-Fisher
Tweedle Dum Becky Ilderton Tweedle Dee Terry James
Caterpillar Angela Jones Cheshire Cat Liz James
March Hare Tiana Hannaford Mad Hatter Emily Linsell
Wizard Phil Johnson Satnav Emily Linsell
Ace Neil George Deuce Tiana Hannaford
Old Man Thomas Wilkinson Dormouse Jessica Martin
SoldiersNeil George, Tiana Hannaford, Phil Johnson, Emily Linsell,
HippiesPip Collings, Chris Irons, Hilary Tucker, Pam Hudgell, Allen Appleby
Fab Four DancersNick Brown, Angela Jones, Nigel Piercey, Hilary Tucker
Mine Workers, Wonderlanders, HaggisToby Pentecost, Tilly Pentecost, Katy Pentecost, Jessica Martin, Thomas Wilkinson,